2017 Chapter Award Recipients

The following awards were awarded to chapters at the 2017 National Convention.


Founders' Cup

Alpha Chi, Univ. of MO-Columbia
2nd: Delta, Iowa State Univ.
3rd: Zeta, Louisiana State Univ.

Heart of the Bull

Beta Chi, Eastern Kentucky Univ.


Outstanding Scholarship Program

 Alpha Mu, Univ. of Illinois
2nd: Beta Epsilon, Univ. of Idaho
3rd: Alpha Eta, Stephen F. Austin State Univ.

Outstanding Leadership Program

Zeta, Louisiana State Univ.
2nd: Alpha Mu, Univ. of Illinois
3rd: Kappa, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


Outstanding Service Program

Epsilon, Pennsylvania State Univ.
2nd: Kappa, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
3rd: Alpha Lambda, Delaware Valley Univ.

 Outstanding Fellowship Program

 Gamma, Michigan State Univ.
2nd: Alpha Kappa, Univ. of Delaware
3rd: Lambda, Univ. of California-Davis


Emerald Chapters 

Alpha Nu Alpha Delta Beta Zeta
Gamma Xi Alpha Epsilon Beta Epsilon
Delta Sigma Alpha Zeta Beta Kappa
       Epsilon        Tau Alpha Kappa Beta Mu
Zeta Upsilon Alpha Lambda Beta Pi
Kappa Alpha Beta Alpha Chi Beta Rho
Lambda Alpha Gamma Alpha Psi Beta Upsilon
      Beta Phi


Jennifer McMillian University
Cooperation in Agriculture

 Alpha Xi, Missouri State Univ.
2nd: Zeta, Louisiana State Univ.
3rd: Alpha Chi, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia


Jennifer McMillian Community
Cooperation in Agriculture

Alpha Xi, Missouri State Univ.
2nd - Alpha Chi, Univ. of MO-Columbia

 Outstanding Chapter Scrapbook

 Alpha Chi, Univ. of MO-Columbia
2nd: Theta, Univ. of Tennessee


Outstanding Chapter Website

 Alpha Upsilon, Murray State Univ.
2nd: Zeta, Louisiana State Univ.


Most Improved Chapter GPA

Upsilon, North Dakota State Univ.
2nd: Nu, Colorado State Univ.
3rd: Alpha Chi, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia

Outstanding Chapter Growth

84.09%: Beta Gamma, Univ. of Florida
55.17%: Beta Phi, Morehead State Univ.
50.82%: Beta Pi, Sam Houston State Univ.
43.64%: Nu, Colorado State Univ.
37.14%: Alpha Psi, Cornell Univ.
36.84%: Alpha Tau, Univ. of WI-Madison
35.29%: Beta Zeta, Univ. of WI-River Falls
33.33%: Alpha Epsilon, Univ. of Wyoming

Regionally, chapters were also recognized for their outstanding efforts. Learn more about the regional winners