2018 National Awards

Did your chapter have an amazing service or professional development program this year? Do you have an extremely supportive alumna or outstanding senior or new member? If so, Sigma Alpha Sorority would like to give proper recognition.

Annually, Sigma Alpha presents several awards at the National Convention or Conclave. These are awarded to outstanding chapters and individuals in various areas. These awards recognize scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. Awards are given for the school year of Fall - Spring.

This year, we have some exciting new additions to our awards program. 

  • We are happy to announce our newest award added to our list, the Outstanding Social Media award, which is presented to the chapter that maintains the most informative, creative, and professional chapter social media program.
  • The scoring system for the pillar awards has changed to a format in which term reports and activities from the year are reviewed, along with conducting a Regional Award Finalist presentation at Conclave/Convention.  The purposes of Regional Award Finalist presentations are to continually lift up the quality of the local programming by chapters, recognize exceptional programming that supports the Sorority’s pillars, encourage professional development of members, and share programming information across chapters. Only the Outstanding Fellowship Award will have the new format for 2018 and the other pillar awards will begin in 2019.

Sigma Alpha Sorority is accepting applications for its national awards, which will be presented at the National Conclave in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, August 3 - 4, 2018. Chapter and Individual awards that require an application are due by May 15th

To learn more about each award and to apply, click on the name of the award below.

Awards for Individual Members

Awards for Chapters