Become an Advisor

Chapter Advisors are a very important aspect of the active chapters as well as the National Sorority. These guidelines have been designed to give direction for advisors and what their role is in the active chapters. It is our recommendation that these guidelines be considered by all chapters and advisors. Advisors will be welcomed into our organization as long as the ideals of Sigma Alpha and the sorority's National  Bylaws are not altered in any manner.

An advisor's role is as follows:

  • An advisor will give advice, make recommendations, inform and notify the chapter on appropriate business in a professional way.
  • An advisor must understand and uphold the ideals of Sigma Alpha National Sorority. Upon an advisor's activation they should be provided with a website login to access the National Chapter Guide, National Bylaws and the chapter's bylaws, policies and other appropriate materials.
  • An advisor should be notified of all chapter activities. Some chapters appoint a member of the Executive Committee who is responsible for keeping the advisor(s) informed of activities and concerns.
  • The advisor should attend executive committee meetings and active chapter's meetings on a regular basis.
  • They should also attend activities as their schedule permits.
  • The advisor should not be the manager of chapter business or activities. They are to be the chapter's "number one supporter" and available to advise, recommend, inform and notify the chapter and/or its members on and of appropriate and professional matters. In using their skills this way they are due the same respect and attention that was given to them at the time of their activation.
  • Advisors should be ready to assist Sigma Alpha National Sorority Board as needed. They may be called upon to implement regulations or policies from time to time.
  • The advisor should strive to see that each member is receiving benefits from the sorority, professionally and personally. They should contribute to helping each member uphold the scholastic, leadership, fellowship and service principles of the sorority, as well as the National Bylaws and Policies.

The advisor is responsible for notifying the executive committee and the National Sorority Board regarding chapter concerns. The Executive Committee is responsible for notifying National Sorority Board regarding advisor problems or concerns.

For more information on becoming an advisor please contact the Development Director at