$40,000 by 40 Years Collegiate Chapter Challenge

The Sigma Alpha Educational Foundation announces a fundraising challenge for Sigma Alpha Collegiate chapters. The Sigma Alpha pillar of service includes volunteering time, money or a combination of both to support a cause, mission, or organization that values and promotes something important to you.  What better way to kick-off the school year than by supporting the Sigma Alpha Educational Foundation.

The Foundation funds scholarships and grants to Sigma Alpha chapters and sisters to assist in facilitating or attending leadership and agricultural educational programs.  The Foundation also supports the Sorority through national grants. In 2017-18, the Foundation will have provided more than $42,000 in grants and scholarships to the Sorority and its members.


What:           $40,000 by 40 Years Collegiate Chapter Challenge

When:          September 1 - November 30, 2018

How:            Collect a donation of at least $5 from each chapter member

Submit:        Send donations to the Sigma Alpha Foundation no later than November 30, 2018

Win:             Participating chapters will be entered into a drawing for a Chapter Sisterhood Celebration. 
                      Use the entry guidelines below (9 prizes available): 

Start planning now for your chapter to participate!
♦  50% - 74% of Returning Members Donate = 1 entry
♦  75% - 89% of Returning Members Donate = 2 entries
♦  90% - 99% of Returning Members Donate = 3 entries
♦  100% of Returning Members Donate = 5 entries

Bonus Entry:   The chapter receives a bonus entry when at least 75% of activated fall member candidates donate at least $5 each.

Specific details for tracking/submitting the chapter’s donations will be sent in August.