Keynote Speaker

Steph Davis

LEARNING TO FLY - LESSONS FROM THE AIR:  Embracing Change, Managing Risk and Fear

In today’s ever changing world, businesses and individuals are faced with a constant stream of information, choices and change.  The traditional pathways to success are also changing, as are perceptions of risk, sustainability and achievement.

Extreme experiences are a compelling metaphor for life and work. Steph speaks on the lessons she’s learned in the mountains and in the air as a professional climber and wingsuit pilot, and in choosing a highly nontraditional career path.

The audience will take away Steph's tools for:
- Managing change
- Embracing failure
- Understanding risk and fear
- Cultivating adaptability
- Preparing for opportunity



Attendees are encouraged to view their own challenges through a new lens, recognizing the power of adversity and evolution, and the value of crafting an uncommon life.