Leslie Norris Townsend

Emerald Banquet Entertainment: "From Hollywood to the Farm"

As a teenager, Leslie lost her mother to cancer and father to alcoholism. Left to raise her younger siblings, she never gave up her positive outlook. She went from using food stamps to becoming a Star Search grand champion finalist!

Years later, Leslie realized God had bigger plans for her. So she left behind a promising acting career in Hollywood to create a better life for her children on her family’s 100-year-old farm in Ohio, where she also owns a successful recording facility.

Leslie brings the same skills to business that has served her so well in life: letting go of ego, making the best of any situation, and good, old-fashioned hard work. Her dramatic story is motivating, inspiring and hilarious! Learn more about Leslie

Kathy Peterson

Prior to founding PeopleWorks in 1998, Kathy worked as a management development specialist in the global human resources department at a Fortune 500 technology company. There, she designed, developed and facilitated a variety of management and leadership training programs for more than 3,000 leaders worldwide. Kathy holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, placing her in the top 12% of speakers worldwide.

In addition to being a successful business owner, Kathy is a wife to her very best friend and a mom to four incredible children. She and her husband are proud to be the fifth generation to live and work on the Peterson family farm outside of Storm Lake, Iowa.

Sisterhood Luncheon: "Be Indispensable"

We’ve all heard people say things like, “Everybody’s replaceable.” That’s true, only if you are not creating value or being a high value player within your organization. How do you create more value or become a high value player? Be accountable. It’s easy to be accountable when things turn out great or when everything goes smoothly. But you become indispensable when you react and respond with a problem solving “above the line” response vs. a “below the line” emotional response when circumstances are difficult or obstacles present themselves. Your beliefs about your job/work impact your actions and ultimately your results! 

Saturday Workshop: "Working with You Is Killing Me"

Do you avoid conversations you know you ought to have (and then think of what you “should have” said afterwards)? Do you lose patience with certain people or personality types? Have trouble managing emotional customers, colleagues or employees? As a result of this program, participants should be able to analyze and prepare for difficult conversations, manage strong emotions (including your own) and regain your positivity after dealing with someone who is killing you!