Spirit of Ruth Award

Recognize a Fellow Alumna – Spirit of Ruth Award

The Spirit of Ruth Award was created to recognize Sigma Alpha Alumnae who
embody the spirit of Ruth through active involvement, leadership, and commitment
to the field of agriculture.

Recipients of this award demonstrate the ideals of Sigma Alpha by living the four
pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service in their personal and/or
professional lives.

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Number of Awards

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December 2, 2018

Four (one per Leadership Seminar)

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  • Must be able to attend one Leadership Seminar (travel, accommodations and registration will be provided)
  • Sigma Alpha Alumna in good standing
  • Must demonstrate the four pillars in personal and/or professional life
  • Preference will be given to alumnae aged 30 years old or older to promote the lifelong bonds of sisterhood
  • Active in the agriculture industry, personally or professionally

2018 Spirit of Ruth Recipients

(Clockwise starting at top):
Jessica Campbell, Alpha (right with National President Kelly Lawler)
Mary Martineau, Alpha Pi
Melea Reicks Licht, Delta (left with National VP Kim Stassen)
Shelley Armour, Beta Alpha (left with National Treasurer Megan O’Connell)

  • I love Sigma Alpha because every one is so supportive and passionate. There is nothing better than seeing other sisters making a difference and striving to be their best

    Lisa Ecker
  • I love Sigma Alpha for the friendships made and for the opportunities!

    Kelly Lawler
  • I love Sigma Alpha for the opportunities it has given me to collaborate and achieve with empowering female leaders.

    Emily Bartusiak
Ann MollSpirit of Ruth