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In 1978, five women at Ohio State University were looking for an alternative to the typical social Greek sorority. They founded Sigma Alpha, a professional sorority for women like themselves who had an interest in agriculture.

Today, Sigma Alpha Sorority has more than 16,000 initiated members and is on 69 campuses. But there’s room to grow!

Spread the Word about Sigma Alpha!

The National Sorority Board is looking for pioneering students like our founders to help bring Sigma Alpha Sorority to even more women with a passion for agriculture on other campuses across the country.

The idea for these National Sorority Ambassadors came from discussions within the Finance & Ethics Committee at the 2016 Conclave.

You see, each year Headquarters (HQ) is contacted by women who are interested in starting a Sigma Alpha chapter at their university. Who better to build that initial relationship with potential new members than a Sigma Alpha sister?

Serving as a National Sorority Ambassador is a great opportunity for you to:

  • GROW Sigma Alpha Sorority
  • SHARE your Sigma Alpha experience
  • DEVELOP leadership skills
  • SERVE on a national level

How Does the Program Work?

  • Express your interest in serving as an ambassador by completing the online application, indicating your leadership experience at your chapter, university and community.
  • If approved by the National Sorority Board, your name will be maintained on a list at HQ.
  • When we are contacted about starting a new chapter, we will look for an ambassador near the university and ask her to visit the interested group.(Mileage and travel costs will be reimbursed.)
  • You’ll be provided with materials and presentation information to use during your visit
  • You’ll serve as a resource for the new chapter during the charter process and beyond.
Apply to be an Ambassador Now!

YOU can be the difference in the growth of Sigma Alpha Sorority!

Questions? Please contact HQ at or 262-682-4690. Thank you for your careful consideration!

  • I LOVE¬†Sigma Alpha because it has provided me with opportunities, experiences, and sisters that I will cherish my entire life!

    Jessica Graham
  • I love the adventures that my friendships made in Sigma Alpha have taken me on!

    Tasha King
  • I love Sigma Alpha for the opportunities it has given me to collaborate and achieve with empowering female leaders.

    Emily Bartusiak
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