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Sigma Alpha is always looking to increase our presence both on college campuses and through Alumnae networks.

If you are interested in starting a Sigma Alpha chapter on your college campus, contact the Development Director at for information and check out our Sisterhood in Development (SID) program below.

If you are interested in starting an Alumnae Sigma Alpha chapter, contact the National Vice President at to see how to get started on a new alumnae chapter.

Sorority in Development Program

The purpose of the Sigma Alpha Sorority in Development Program is to allow the National Sorority Board (NSB) a chance to get to know prospective new members or Membership Candidates (MCs) and to provide a process, which carefully evaluates each MC on their potential in helping to further the goals of Sigma Alpha Sorority. It is also a period to allow MCs to gain further knowledge of establishing a new chapter, the goals of Sigma Alpha and to make a final commitment to join the sorority. The Development Director of the National Sorority Board before activation must approve all MCs. Joining the SID is not necessarily a final acceptance to become a Collegiate Member of the sorority. The Sorority in Development Program is a time of decision by both the National Sorority Board and the Membership Candidate.

For more information and for secured access to development documents, please contact the Development Director at

  • I love Sigma Alpha for the friendships made and for the opportunities!

    Kelly Lawler
  • I LOVE¬†Sigma Alpha because it has provided me with opportunities, experiences, and sisters that I will cherish my entire life!

    Jessica Graham
  • Sigma Alpha changed my life the day I became a member because it was then that I knew wherever life took me, I could always count on finding sisterhood there.

    Alacyn Cox
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