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Each year, Sigma Alpha Sorority and Alpha Gamma Rho host four regionally based Leadership Seminars throughout the month of February.  Attendees are exposed to alumnae/alumni and Corporate Partners who continue to make Leadership Seminars possible. The goal of these Seminars is to provide a high-energy environment for members to actively learn alongside their peers, as well as from their peers, on ways to further enhance their personal capacity for leadership. These Seminars are led by four Facilitators – two representatives from Sigma Alpha Sorority and two representatives from Alpha Gamma Rho.

The ideal Facilitator is an individual who is competent in leading adult learners in small and large group settings about personal and professional development. Facilitators will have the support of a Curriculum Consultant who will construct the framework, identify learning objectives, and develop activities to meet predetermined objectives for seminar sessions.

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June 30, 2020


• Dependable attendance and punctuality
• Experience facilitating adult learning/skill development in small and large group settings
• Able to interact and work with a diverse group of internal/external people
• Team player with the ability to work independently in a frequently changing environment
• Excellent interpersonal, listening, written and verbal communication skills


• One to two years of past experience facilitating workshops/seminars
• Previous curriculum writing experience for the target audience is desired
• Experience on a local, regional and/or national AGR or Sigma Alpha level
• Must be an alumna of Sigma Alpha Sorority or alumnus Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity


• Required to attend two in-person meetings:
Orientation/training meeting – weekend in September (Friday-Sunday)
Run-through – weekend in November (Friday-Sunday)

• Required to attend all of the 2021 Leadership Seminars (Thursday-Sunday)
February 4 – 7
February 11 – 14
February 18 – 21
February 25 – 28

  • I love Sigma Alpha because it’s given me opportunities I didn’t know existed and has been a key player in shaping me into the professional I am today!

    Jordan Bonham
  • Anytime someone asks me what the best part of college was, the answer is always the same: Sigma Alpha!

    Molly Lass
  • I love Sigma Alpha because of all the professional growth I have personally experienced within my membership both collegiate and alumna!

    Megan Lutrick
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